Facts About The Kanjeevaram Saree – Indian Silk Beauty

Kanjeevaram Saree

Origin Of The Beauty

Kanjeevaram silk has a long history of 400 years, during the reign f Vijayanagara Empire. This traditional art was brought up by the communities living in Andhra Pradesh – Devangas and Saligars who were then migrated to the town of Kanchipuram.

With excellent skills in weaving silk sarees with vehement patterns and motifs, scriptures and figurines, the Kanjeevaram has seen and seeing massive demand not only in India but in foreign lands as well.  The designer kanjeevaram sarees are also the muse of many Indian and International designers that in every fashion walk on ramps, we witness a beautiful collection of Kanjivaram sarees in beautiful modern patterns.

Features Of Kanjeevaram Sarees

The specialities of Kanjeevaram saree are the colours, designs and pallu designs. The weavers tailor both pallu and the rest of the body differently and then eventually join them together. The zig zag is the common pattern which you can easily spot at the meeting point of the pallu and the body. This joining is done with extreme precision, known as Korvai, that even if the saree tears, the border will not detach from the body.

Another amazing fact is, the zari is made of 3 silk threads, vehemently twisted with a silver thread. This practice makes it extremely durable and strong.

How To Buy Kanjeevaram Sarees Online

Visit Shopkund.co.uk to get an assorted range of Kanjeevaram sarees at an affordable price. Choose through this guide:

  • Go for bright colours for winter occasions and pastel or coral hues during summers.
  • Wear a differently tailored designer blouse with your Kanjeevaram saree to break the continuity. (this is what fashion paparazzi do)
  • Don’t be afraid to wear brogues and antique jhumkis with this beauty.



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