How lehenga choli can make you best bride.

Weddings have always been a special occasion in the Indian families and are one of the biggest functions celebrated. The reason for this is also that it is once in a lifetime occasion. The families get united and are a union of two families. Hence it is important that this memorable and once in a lifetime occasion must be celebrated and cherished in a way like no other. The bride and the groom are the centres of the entire celebration.


Making the choice of the bride’s dress is a very time consuming and a confusion creating a task. It gets difficult to settle for anyone dress type. There are so many options available that choosing the best for yourself is also confusing, the brides can go for sarees that have been the traditional outfit or they can choose for something like lehenga choli.


Lehenga cholis are also in fashion these days. Lehenga choli is a 3 piece attire.

Lehenga- This is the skirt like attire. It is long in length and varies in circumference depending on the style of the lehenga, it can be a frill kind of lehenga or an A-line lehenga.

Choli- Choli is the upper part of the attire, that can be called as the blouse of the lehenga. It can be made in many different ways like it can be a full sleeves blouse or a half sleeves blouse, it can have cut wok or have embroidery on it and zari work.


Chunni/ Dupatta- it is the last part of the attire but has a lot of work on it, this is worn over the head by the bride, it gives a very nice and traditional look to the bride.


Lehenga choli suits all body type and is the best option for every bride. You look different than others and something to remember for a lifetime. Shop atĀ 



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