Embrace the Beauty of Silk Sarees – Know the Different Varieties

Sarees are the most mesmerising attire in the Indian culture and silk sarees are timeless. These silk sarees will never run out of fashion and is one of the best options to wear in any family function and occasion. It gives you a rich look and the different variety of silk sarees will give you a vast variety to choose from. India having such a vast landscape and having such a diverse culture that every culture has embarrasses their own style of silk sarees, few of the silk sarees that you can choose from are.


Banarsi silk –  It is the silk saree that belongs to Banaras, it is made up of golden threads and is the most popular saree in Maharashtra this saree is also worn by the brides and known as the shalu saree also.

Kanjeevaram saree – This type of saree is made in Tamil Nadu and is very famous for its rich and elegant look and the silk that is brought into use. This is also a very famous choice amongst the women when choosing a saree for a purpose like weddings.

Bhagalpuri silk saree – This is also a silk saree but is very affordable and can also be worn on daily basis or to work, this kind of sarees are best for casual functions also.


Kota silk saree – These kind of sarees are from  Kota and comes with the design of bandhani over it, it is a traditional style and looks good on casual functions and office wear.

Baluchari silk saree –These sarees are traditionally from West Bengal and are made in golden borders, it is said that the borders of the saree depict a story from Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Mysore silk sarees –These silk sarees are very famous amongst the young girls as this saree is not very heavy and also does not come in a very expensive price range like other sarees.

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