8 Beautiful Silk Varieties In India For Sarees

India is the place where the sarees actually originated and has a lot of variety to it. Amongst all the sarees,silk sarees are considered to be the best sarees because it has a rich look to it and the silk is processed in a very special; and tedious way. Hence it is always a novelty to own a silk saree and looks good on every woman. Different part of the country had a different style of silk saree here are the top 8 beautiful silk varieties in India for sarees.


  1. Banarasi Silk saree- When talking about the silk saree the Banaras sarees come on top of the line. It has a beautiful zari work on it and is very famous in the entire country. The sarees are long lasting and never run out of fashion.
  2. Baluchari silk saree- The saree is originally from the west of Bengal, the fabric is silk and zari, the border are zari bordered and has a story to it, it is basically having a story from Ramayan and Mahabharat.
  3. Mysore Silk Saree- It is a silk saree from Mysore, and very commonly worn by many Indian women. The reason for its wide acceptance is that it comes at a very affordable price.
  4. Chanderi Silk Saree- this saree has its origin in Madhya Pradesh. Unlike Banarasi saree, it is lighter in weight and more comfortable to wear.PRL5183-Baby-Pink-color-Georgette-Silk-Saree
  1. Tussar silk saree- This saree is made by the tribal people and the silk used to make this saree is only found in the south of Asia. the colours in which this saree is traditionally found if also very limited.
  2. Bhagalpuri Silk- these types of sarees are very affordable and comes in a lot of designs, unlike other sarees that are traditional bounded and do not give many platforms to experiment.
  3. Konrad Silk- This saree finds its origin in Tamil Nadu, the borders are plain and striped. While the inside of the saree is standard checks.
  4. Paithani Sarees- This is also a silk saree that comes from the western part of the country and it has natural prints on it like the tree, birds, nature, etc.

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