Simple fashion guide on how to pick lehenga choli.

Lehenga Choli is still a part of daily wear in the life of rural India, and in states like Rajasthan Lehenga choli is worn by many ladies, it is their traditional dress. Not only this but in the state of Gujarat, lehenga choli comes as their traditional dress too. In south also the tradition is followed by young girls, the names and the design can be different but the basic culture still remains the same.


Here are the few tips that will help you with making the best choice for yourself when going to buy a lehenga choli.

  1. Occasion – It is very important to understand what the occasion is and what role you have in that event, the function can be of many types like marriage, pre-wedding functions, a traditional function or a ceremony, engagement parties, a ritual to be performed etc. depending on your role in the occasion you need to pick how heavy the attire can be.


  1. Understand your body type- It is very important to understand your body type, depending on the body type you need to make a choice of the fabric that you will be opting for. Like if you are on a heavier side wearing stiff fabrics or bloomy lehengas won’t suit you but on the other hand, if you are the slim type then fabrics like raw silk and netted blooms lehengas can be worn.
  2. Know the budget – It is very important to know the budget, there is all kind of lehenga choli in the market but what will suit you the best and your pocket is the choice that you need to make.
  3. Where to buy – There are many online and offline shops in India when it comes to shopping for such traditional dresses by when it comes to foreign countries you are stuck with very limited options. Hence Shopkund is the place to buy traditional clothes. Simply log on to and choose from the wide collection of lehenga choli.

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