Why Designer Wedding Sarees Have Gained Popularity

Sarees are a traditional attire and all the auspicious and special functions are attended wearing sarees, it is not just limited to any one age group, saree is a suitable option that goes well with all age groups. Girls in their teenage can also go for sarees. But these days saree is growing popularity among the option as a bridal wear also. Initially, sarees were worn as bridal wear but then the lehenga choli took over and became a popular option, but now again a growing trend can be seen of bridal sarees.


The girls today prefer a designer saree over a traditional saree and the reason being that the designers have come up with many innovative ways of representing the saree. The designers also experiment with the blouse style making them in different lengths and also coming up with innovation in it. The designers have shifted from traditional colours and fabrics to new and innovative ways. The sarees now also come in jacket form where you wear a jacket kind of a blouse that is heavy on work and the saree is kept plain. Also now the sarees have started coming in a semistiched form where the pallu and the pleats are stitched and you need to wear it like any other lehenga choli.


These are the few reasons why the today’s bride are preferring designer bridal wear over any general saree, this makes the bride look more confident, more trendy and more comfortable, everyone wants something new and this is where the new come from now innovative ideas and new innovative ways of draping the saree, if you are al;so a bride to be and you are wishing to wear designer bridal wear then shopkund is the place for you, log on to www.shopkund.co.uk and browse from the magnificent collection and select the one that suits you the best.


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