Why is saree so famous for Multiple Occasions?

Saree is a traditional outfit that is work by the Indian women for many centuries, and it is an attire that suits all. Saree is a unstitched fabric that is worn with a blouse and a petticoat. The petticoat is a long skirt kind of an attire over which the saree is draped. The petticoat forms the base of the saree is solves two purposes


  1. The saree is tucked in at the waist over the petticoat. And  2. A saree is a thin fabric and is a see through material hence the petticoat solves that purpose also. The upper part is called the blouse it is a short blouse, but over the years the designers have experimented with the different fashion styles and it can be worn in many different ways hence you need not be stuck to a particular style. You can experiment with the length as you wish.PRL4162

The reason saree is so famous for multiple occasions is that it is a traditional dress and it can be worn in many forms and hence it can be draped according to the occasion. Also, the saree comes in many types of fabric like silk, chiffon, georgette, etc. So if the occasion is a traditional one, then you can go for a traditional saree and opt for silk or heavy fabric sarees. If the occasion is casual then opting for a saree that is lighter in fabric and easy to wear can be opted. Let whatever be the occasion shopkund offers sarees for every moment, we bring to you the most amazing sarees and some of the top of the collection sarees, have all such collection team it up or mix and match and make your own unique style. Visit www.shopkund.co.uk and be amazed at the huge variety of saree collection.



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