Learn more about the unbelievable fashion of bridal lehenga choli?

Lehenga choli has been in fashion for a long time and will always be, brides prefer to wear lehenga choli more than sarees at their wedding. Reason being it is more comfortable and it is more versatile when compared to saree or any other attire. What we call as lehenga choli are also known as the ghagra choli and is still worn on regular basis. Though the fabric and the designs are not that heavy but still in parts of Rajasthan you can find ladies wearing the dress on regular basis. Not only in the north section of India but, also in the southern part of India lehenga choli is called as “patta papadam” is very popular. And you will find people wearing such lehenga cholis onauspicious occasion as well as on daily basis.


What makes the lehenga choli so impressive and an unbelievable fashion fixating is the elegance and the graceful look it provides to the person who is wearing it, and when it comes to bridal lehenga choli then it is way more important that it stands out of the crowd and makes the bride look different. And the reason behind its success is the old tradition behind the dress and the enormous garment that gives a wide scope for experimentation and improvement.


The lehenga is such a huge attire in itself that it can easily be played with. You can make a mermaid style lehenga, or you can wear an A-line lehenga also, there are options to go for wide lehengas, sharara style lehengas, layered lehengas and much more. The bridal lehengas are made in silk but today the designers are becoming more experimental and other fabrics are now also brought into use like velvet, chiffon, georgette, net, printed fabrics, etc. Log on the www.shopkund.co.uk and make these amazing lehenga choli your wardrobe pals.



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