How to know which Patiala suits is best for you?

Patiala suits are taken from the Punjabi culture it is also a type of the salwar kameez but Punjabis have their own way to present the suit. The suit is available in different fabric and in different designs according to the event you can choose what you wish to wear. Here are few of the options that you can think of-


  1. Dhoti style Patiala suit – This can be worn to colleges it is best suited for the teenaged and young girls, were staying out of the normal is fashion, this style is taken from the dhoti it gives you a look of dhoti but a stitched one and different from the usual.
  2. Patiala salwar kameez- Patiala salwar kameez is the traditional salwar where the length of the kurta is a bit lower than the hips and the salwar is made with lots of pleats to it. This can be worn with or without a dupatta also. Mostly this kind of suit is worn in weddings and grand events.
  3. Harem Salwar kameez- this style of the salwar kameez is also a type of the Patiala salwar kameez. Where the bottom of the salwar is made quite narrow and the upper part of the salwar is something between a dhoti and a Patiala. You need not wear a long Kurti on it, you can wear a short kurta or a t-shirt on it.
  4. Afghani Salwar – It is made in a balloon style salwar and is made slightly narrower at the bottom but a bit loose than the harem pants.
  5. Aladdin Salwar is also another type of salwar that is getting popular these days, if you remember the cartoon character “Arabian nights” then you can easily relate to these stalwarts, the bottom is like a churidar and the top is like an afghani salwar.30565-Maroon-Cotton-Satin-Patiala-Salwar-Kameez

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