How do you choose the best salwar kameez?

Salwar kameez is something that can be worn by all age groups. It is one of the most worn dresses amongst the Indian women let it be in daily use or let it be for any special event it can be worn everywhere.


A salwar kameez is divided into three parts, the salwar that is the bottom part of the attire, a salwar is also of many type depending on the salwar type the kurtas can be designed accordingly, the kameez that is the top part of the attire, comes in different lengths, when wearing a Patiala salwar you can opt for kurta that is knee length or even shorter. If the salwar is a straight stitch that is not with a lot of frills to it then a kurta of length till calf muscles can be picked. And the third is the dupatta that works as an accessory to the attire. Dupatta can be plain or can have a border to it, with a little work over it. What kind of dupatta will suit you also depends on the kurta if the kurta has heavy work on it or embroidery then the dupatta must be simple. If the kurta is plain then the dupatta must be heavy.


To choose the best of the salwar kameez you must first understand your body type and then analyse the occasion for which you are wearing the suit. If you are a person who is short in height then you must avoid wearing a salwar suit like payola. A Patiala suit makes you look shorter in height. If you are a tall women patina will suit you the best. A mid length kurta with a straight fit salwar suits is the best option for all. At Shopkund according to the occasion you can choose for the best salwar kameez and make them yours, is where you can buy all your salwar kameez for very affordable price.


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