Sarees are Indian traditional dresses! Learn how?

Sarees have been worn by the Indian women for a very long time and this can be proved by the sculptures that have been taken into custody from the time back in Indus valley civilisation. The sculptures then made of women had saree draped to them this means the saree has been in existence since 2800-1800 BC. and cotton sarees were in much fashion then, because cotton was the only fabric that was first woven in the fifth millennium BC. Then came silk in the period 3560-2000 BC. So the history of sarees goes back that long and the evidence proof is the sculpture of a lady wearing a saree who is a priest.


Saree has its description in Sanskrit books too. Basically, a saree is divided into three parts one that is ANTARIYO that is petticoat in today’s world language, which is the inner garment, the STANAPATTA which is the blouse and the UTTARIYA that is the saree. The saree was also known as the poshak.  In India, you can find almost more than eighty draping styles of saree. Every culture has its own way and fabric of wearing the saree.  It has been in the culture for so long that over the years it has gone innovation and now you can also get semi-sarees, designer sarees, Bollywood style sarees, etc. Sarees make you look confident elegant and flamboyant. A saree is a must have attire in every woman’s wardrobe, something that holds a long history of tradition in it.


At Shopkund you can find different styles of the saree in all kind of fabrics and at very affordable prices. At you will find some traditional saree styles like Kosa silk sarees, Chanderi silk sarees, Kantha saree, batik print saree, Dhaka saree, Jute cotton saree, Sambalpuri silk saree and much more.



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