Why saree is the perfect fabulous dress and comfortable for woman

Saree has been in Indian culture for a very long time and is still worn by most of the ladies in their day to day life. The beauty of saree is that it can be worn in many styles and in many variations, it also comes in a variety of fabrics. And the reason that why still the ladies prefer to wear saree is, it is very comfortable to wear. India has a very diverse culture and in that diverse culture, every culture has its own style of draping the saree.


Saree is comfortable for the women because the lower part that is at the waist the major portion of the saree is draped and pleated are set on the petticoat and gives a feel of a skirt. Hence it is easy to move around and as it is tucked into the petticoat no need to worry about the placement of the saree or any such thing. Thre pallu of the saree rests on the shoulders that can or pinned to the blouse of the saree and no need to worry about the saree. This makes the women more confident and because of the perfect style of draping the saree, a woman looks very elegant and attractive.


If you are women who is slim you should wear a cotton saree or a saree that is through this will flaunt your figure and make you look good. If you are women who is on the heavier side then you must go for a saree that is not a see through saree and avoid stiff saree fabrics. Because a stiffer fabric will make you look heavier.

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