Why saree is so famous fashion and how?

Sarees have been in fashion for a very long time now and have its own charm to it. A saree comprises of a long fabric that is draped on the body. It is basically draped on the waste line over a petticoat. A petticoat forms the base of the saree over the waste line where the saree is draped and tucked in. at the top part, you need to wear a blouse, a blouse can be stitched in many different ways. In India, saree is also worn in many different ways and has many different styles to it.



The reasons for having saree as one of the favourite choices for women is, because of the different style in which the saree can be worn. It also suits the body of the women because you just need to change the fabric of the saree according to your body and you can flaunt yourself in the best possible way. It doesn’t matter what shape and size you are all it matters are how you drape your saree. Sarees brings out the best of women in terms of confidence and makes her look different from the rest. The saree as an attire has also seen a growing trend in the western culture.


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