How can Anarkali suit improve your fashion and lifestyle?

Anarkali Suits are worn in India from a very long time and have been in fashion since then. the designers have also put their inputs on the garment and tried to present the suit in a way with the modern day touch, Anarkali suits can be worn in many variations, the designers have come up with many ways of twisting the style and picking from the best of two worlds or the eras and putting it into one. Nowadays the Anarkali suits are no more limited to the traditional style but have been made more modern and wearable according to today’s women


What is an Anarkali suit?

The Anarkali suit is a different version of Salwar Kameez, on the Indian version of the western gowns. Anarkali suit comprises of the kurta that is a combination of the gown style and the frock style. It has a churidar in the bottom and a dupatta, it was earlier worn by the Mughal ladies. And also the kurta pattern of the boys was somewhat of the same style but with the shorter length.  In the Mughal time, it was worn in the rich fabric and in a very traditional way. Since then the suit has been evolved in many ways.


Shopkund brings to you these rich and traditional Anarkali suits to you. Every lady must possess an Anarkali suit as it goes well with all occasions and themes. It is not necessary that you only wear only the traditional Anarkali suit, to pump up your style quotient you can go for the into western style Anarkali suit, if it is a wedding or a grand party which requires you to where something that is traditional you can opt for an Anarkali suit in rich fabric and with heavy embroidery and something that has a layer of choli look over the kite, like it was worn in the traditional days. Log on to and shop your hearts out.


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