) Learn how to buy online sarees according to your choice & fashion

Shopping online can be a mess, and when it comes to shopping for sarees it can get really difficult to understand what to buy and what not. This article will help you find the best saree for you. First of all answer two questions, what is the occasion for which you are looking for a saree and second what is your body type and your figure type.

If you are a person who is pear-shaped that is the bottom is heavier than the upper body then such ladies must buy saree that is of chiffon or Georgette fabric, and try to choose saree with bright and bold colours, the design or embroidery or print must be small.


If you are an apple shaped person that is whose bottom and the top is both heavy then you must go for saree that is embroidered all over, this will cover the waist, pick fabrics like silk. The blouse must be longer that is it must expose less of your skin.

If you are overweight then go for chiffon or georgette fabric, do not buy sarees that are of the net or stiff fabric, also pick colours that are dark in colour. Try picking sarees of handloom style that will also complement you well.

If you are a person who has curvy body then go for net sarees, sarees of chiffon and georgette, this will flaunt your curves and will make you look good, colours can be chosen according to the time of the occasion if it is daytime, then go for lighter colours and if it is night time go for darker colours.

Shopkund has a fabulous collection of sarees.We have plain saree, printed saree, lightly embroidered saree, sarees for weddings, etc. Order the saree that you think best suits you if you do not like the saree you can always return it and we also give 100% money back guarantee, if you order value is more than 100 Pounds we offer you free shipping anywhere in the UK, Click on www.shopkund.co.uk and pick your perfect outfit.


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