Churidar suit – The charm of the classic churidar suit

Churidar suit, no doubt, a traditional Indian wear still prefer the most of the Indian women,a long length suit like a kurti having a bottom named as churidar or tight fitted trouser which is wide at the top and narrow at the ankle.

In fact, it is a comfortable and highly demandable Indian dress is preferred in many Indian states as it can be designed or switched as per the fitness of anyone and no one looks skinny or healthy after dressing up in it as it is the most exuberant style statement for almost all women.


In today’s era of fashion, mostly the college girls and the Bollywood divas are getting fetched towards these elegant attires. In other words, I can say that this attire has touched the most of the hearts and its glamour has been broadening up all over the world. As per the overall survey, this traditional and popular garment has dragged the second place after Sarees. Although, it is just a combination of two pieces but it never drags a woman from looking the best and extraordinary among others.

While selecting or designing this costume, it’s up to you which sort of look you have preferred. If you seek to drag the audience attention towards you, then you can embellish your Churidar suit with heavy perky laces or embroideries or if you wish to look sophisticated then just put on it by adding simple embroidery work.

Buy Churidar suits online to look classy


If you are residing outside the India and urging to dress up in this Indian traditional wear, then don’t be confused, just loginthe website named as It is an online store and enjoys the wide varieties of different Churidar suits. You can order as per your choice and avail these definitely within some days. This store’s collection is highly appreciated by the audience living outside India, especially in the states of UK’s.

So be ready to look glamorous to this fashionable era.


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