Defining Indian SalwarKameez and Its Different Types


India is a country famous for its culture and traditional outfits worn by the women. The Indian SalwarKameez is a dress that has been ruled the Indian fashion since modern days defines the beauty of the women in such a way that no other outfit could.

The Indian SalwarKameez is mainly a dress consist of three parts. The upper part is known as Kameez, a long kurti covering the body of a woman from shoulders to knees. The second part is Salwar, a loose pyjama that is worn under the Kameez to cover the lower part. The last one is Dupatta, a 2.5-meter piece of fabrics like pure, chiffon, cotton, georgette, and silk worn as a stole over the SalwarKameez.

This Indian wear can stitch in different styles as per the likings of the buyers. The basic types of Salwarkameezare including:


  • Indo-western style:As the name suggests, this traditional outfit has designed after inspiring from the western styles. This dress can wear by including fitted pant with a kurti stitched very smartly.
  • Short-length kurta: If you like to wear short length outfit then this one is perfect for you. This short length Kameez looks beautiful especially on slim women not more than just a few inches down the waist.
  • ChuridarKurta:This style of Indian wear has liked mostly by the working women as it includes a blend of style and comfort. To carry this style of Indian wear, just wear a tight fitted pyjama known as churidar with any flamboyant kurta.
  • Anarkali style: It is one of the elaborate styles of SalwarKameez suit. The Indian designers have designed it by inspiring from the Mughal era. In this, you can match your Salwar with any stylish frock style Kameez.


Buy online Indian Salwarkameez

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