How to take care of an Indian Designer Saree?

   Doubtless, one can say that a Saree is an element of the soul of Indian culture and tradition. The Saree is a lovable gift gets by a woman as it remembers the memories associated with it. To take care of this memorable outfit having beautiful memories is a part of a daily work. In this discussion, I would like to suggest some tips required to take care for an Indian designer Saree.


Some general tips:

Sari is a delicate outfit needs extra care in order to increase its freshness.

  • Never hand-wash a Saree as it will lose it luster. Try to dry-clean a Saree especially when its first wash.
  • If you can’t afford to dry clean this Indian traditional wear, try to hand-wash by adding very little high-quality detergent.
  • Never bundle and keep dry for a long time particularly beneath the sun
  • Try to wash your ordinary Saree separately in a machine.
  • At the time of ironing, try to keep your iron on low or medium heat.
  • Wash Border and Mundi individually
  • If you get any strain, please immediately wash it and
  • If you get hard strain in a party, please immediately dry clean it
  • To get long lasting of your Sare’s collection, keep them store in some muslin clothes
  • It is suggested not to iron a wet Saree if so it will instantly burn it
  • Place your Saree under the sunlight for sometimes after worn in a party
  • Please note that don’t wrap you Sarees so tightly because these have made by using the delicate fabrics
  • Store your collection of Indian Sarees in some cold place

This favorite women cloth is easily available online at This online shop guides the different methods of caring and storing of this delicate fabric at the time of purchasing.


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